Clear flexible ducting hose is a versatile product that offers users a variety of benefits. At Spiral Manufacturing, we carry clear flexible ducting hose made of clear polyurethane, with a spring steel wire helix construction, which has several useful features.


Durability: Our polyurethane hose is extremely durable, and is resistant to cuts, chemicals, and gouging.

Compressibility: Our polyurethane hose demonstrates exceptional compressibility, which makes it easy and convenient to store and transport.

Flexibility: Our polyurethane hose is very flexible; its high bend radius makes it perfect for applications in difficult to reach areas.

Temperature Resistance: Our polyurethane hose is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, which makes it well suited for many different applications.

Transparency: Our polyurethane hose is transparent; as a result, it is easy to monitor for blockages, clogs, or other problems that may arise.


All of these features make clear flexible ducting hose a logical choice for a variety of applications, such as pollution control, chemical fume handling, HVAC ductwork, and even pharmaceutical applications. Clear flexible ducting hose is especially useful for jobs that involve working in spaces that are tight, cramped, or otherwise difficult to navigate.

At Spiral Manufacturing, we specifically recommend using our clear flexible ducting hose when you need movement in a machine or in situations where dropping a spiral pipe to the exact location of a hookup is impractical.

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