If you are planning to use spiral duct for an upcoming project, you should take some time to learn about the different types of spiral duct systems so that you can choose the best one for your application.

Single wall and dual wall are the two most common types of spiral duct system. Dual wall spiral ductwork is made up of two pipes with different diameters — the smaller of which is located inside the larger. The space between the concentric pipes in a dual wall system is filled with factory installed insulation.

dual wall spiral duct

Single wall spiral ductwork (as the name suggests) consists of only one diameter of spiral pipe. Single wall and dual wall ductwork systems each offer a range of useful benefits that make them well suited for specific applications.

Dual wall spiral pipe offers significantly more acoustical control than single wall spiral pipe, which makes it ideal for applications where noise reduction is required. It also offers better thermal control; they are more energy efficient and can withstand significantly higher air temperatures than single wall spiral ductwork systems.

Single wall spiral pipe uses much less metal than dual wall spiral pipe. Consequently, it is much lighter weight, and generally costs less than its dual wall counterpart. Single wall spiral ductwork is an excellent economical option for myriad HVAC and dust control applications.

single wall spiral duct

As leading duct manufacturers, we at Spiral Mfg. carry both single wall and dual wall spiral pipe systems. To learn more about the benefits of each, or for help determining which is best for your project, contact us at 763-755-7677 or send an email to info@spiralmfg.com.