Spiral duct is durable, versatile, and is very nearly leak proof. All of these features make it a popular choice for a wide variety of HVAC applications. For example, spiral duct is often used in industrial ventilation systems, like the ones used in powder coating ovens.

Powder coating is a specific type of chemical compound that is often used for metal finishing. Powder coating is abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, and comes in a vast array of colors. Thanks to its protective properties and aesthetically pleasing nature, powder coating is used on everything from heavy duty industrial equipment to simple metal lawn furniture.


Without spiral ventilation ducting, the powder coating process would be impossible. After powder coating is applied to a surface electrostatically, it needs to be cured in an oven. In order to work properly, a curing oven must be able to evenly distribute heat without disturbing the powder coating that is being baked. This kind of even heat distribution is accomplished using a circulation fan and (you guessed it!) spiral ventilation ducting.

Spiral ventilation ducting also plays an integral role in powder coating oven exhaust systems. When air is heated, it expands. As it expands, air will escape, even from the most well sealed curing oven, bringing potentially toxic combustion byproducts with it. A curing oven’s exhaust system allows air to escape through the ductwork instead of into the work space.


In addition to preventing combustion byproducts from contaminating the work space, exhaust systems on curing ovens help keep temperatures within them stable and consistent. Without spiral ventilation ducting, curing ovens would be full of hot and cold spots, which would cause the powder coating inside to overbake or underbake, resulting in a poor finish.

Though spiral ducts rarely take center stage, they play an important supporting role in industries of all kinds. If you would like to learn more about how our spiral ventilation ducting can be used for powder coating ovens, or for any other type of industrial ventilation system, give us a call at 763-755-7677 or send an email to info@spiralmfg.com.