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Blast Gates vs Air Gates

Blast gates vs. air gates Blast gates are used to focus a dust collection system's vacuum pressure for maximum material extraction at the desired location. Blast gates are positioned near individual pieces of machinery and are closed by [...]

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Custom-Made Fittings

Standard Fittings Spiral Manufacturing offers a complete line of seam welded, slip-joint fittings designed especially for use with Spiral pipe. Standard fittings include many types of elbows, crosses, tees, laterals, reducers, and other components fabricated from [...]

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Spiral Insulated Pipe

Our dual-wall Spiral insulated duct adds both thermal insulating and sound attenuating benefits to any air distribution system. This dual-wall product consists of inner and outer Spiral pipes with a layer of glass fiber insulation [...]

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Advantages of Spiral Pipe

The advantages of high pressure Spiral pipe compared to traditional rectangular duct are numerous and compelling: Attractive appearance Exposed spiral duct is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic [...]

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