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HVAC Spiral Duct Suppliers

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Why Spiral Ducts Are the Best Choice for Your Business

Any type of ductwork, including spiral ductwork, is an essential part of any HVAC system in a commercial structure. The ductwork conveys cooled or heated air from a central HVAC unit to various parts of [...]

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Difference Between Rectangular and Round Spiral Ductwork

Ducts are designed to function as passageways in HVAC systems to transport and remove air. They are used in both commercial and residential structures. In these systems, either spiral ductwork or rectangular ductwork, or both [...]

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Spiral Manufacturing is Hiring for a Shipping Supervisor

Shipping Supervisor Position Spiral Manufacturing, Inc. is hiring for the position of Shipping Supervisor in our Coon Rapids, MN facility. Please see the qualifications and required skills outlined below, and to apply, send your resume [...]

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