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How To Size Ductwork for Your Dust Collection System

How to Size Ductwork for Your Dust Collection System Having an efficient dust collection system is essential for a variety of reasons; they protect the health and safety of employees, keep businesses regulation compliant, and [...]

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Why Does Fume Collection Matter?

Every day, people all over the world go to work in environments where chemicals are being released into the air continuously. Prolonged exposure to many of these chemicals can pose a significant health risk. For [...]

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Spiral Duct: Single Wall vs Dual Wall

If you are planning to use spiral duct for an upcoming project, you should take some time to learn about the different types of spiral duct systems so that you can choose the best one [...]

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When to Use Clear Flexible Ducting Hose

Clear flexible ducting hose is a versatile product that offers users a variety of benefits. At Spiral Manufacturing, we carry clear flexible ducting hose made of clear polyurethane, with a spring steel wire helix construction, [...]

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