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Applications for Spiral Ductwork

  Spiral ductwork boasts a broad range of useful benefits. It is strong, efficient, cost effective, and even aesthetically pleasing. As a result, it is extremely popular for use in a vast array of commercial [...]

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Spiral Ductwork: The Industry Standard for Commercial HVAC Systems

Over the years, spiral ductwork has become increasingly popular thanks to its bevy of benefits. At this point, it has eclipsed rectangular ductwork as the industry standard for commercial HVAC systems. Let’s take a look [...]

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The Relationship Between Velocity and Pressure in HVAC Duct

When building out an HVAC spiral pipe system, there are three main classifications to consider: Application of the system (commercial building, super market, residential home, etc.), air velocity (low - high), and pressure levels (low [...]

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How To Size Ductwork for Your Dust Collection System

How to Size Ductwork for Your Dust Collection System Having an efficient dust collection system is essential for a variety of reasons; they protect the health and safety of employees, keep businesses regulation compliant, and [...]

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