There are a lot of things to consider when you’re in the market for new ductwork; chief among them being whether to choose rectangular duct or spiral round duct. If you are leaning towards spiral round duct, but need a bit more information before you make your decision, check out this quick guide to round duct fittings.

What Are Round Duct Fittings?

The Round duct fitting is the sleek modern sibling of the more traditional rectangular duct. As the name suggests, round duct fittings are cylindrical, and lack the sharp angles of their rectangular counterparts. These spirally wound tubes can be made from a variety of materials, including (but not limited to) galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.


Round Duct Fitting Applications

Round duct fittings are quite versatile, and perform well in a variety of applications, both commercial and industrial. Spiral round duct is often used for HVAC applications in commercial buildings such as clinics and hospitals, restaurants, schools and universities, office buildings, retail stores, and sports facilities, and woodshops to name a few.

In addition to HVAC applications, round duct fittings are well suited for heavy duty industrial applications, like removing airborne particulates and dust, chemical fumes, and manufacturing byproducts from indoor environments. They are also useful for bulk material handling operations, like loading grain trucks and wood dust collection.

Benefits of Round Duct Fittings

Round duct fittings provide a number of benefits, including efficiency, cost savings, and aesthetic appeal. Spiral round duct leaks less than rectangular duct, which makes it more energy efficient than the latter. It is also easier — and therefore cheaper — to install than rectangular ductwork. In addition to these practical advantages, round duct fittings offer aesthetic value; exposed spiral ductwork can make an indoor environment look cool, modern, and stylish.



Spiral round duct is versatile, economical, and visually appealing, which makes it a great choice for all kinds of applications. Want to learn more about round duct fittings? Spiral Manufacturing is here to help. Contact us at 763-755-7677 or send an email to