Spiral Manufacturing: A Trusted Leader Among Underground Ducting Suppliers

People choose underground duct systems for reasons that are both aesthetic and practical; they can remain out of sight, and they save space in building interiors. Underground ductwork requires several special considerations. An underground ductwork system must be designed, manufactured, and installed properly in order to function well. 

Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a leading supplier of underground ductwork. Our polyvinyl steel (PVS) coated underground HVAC duct—also referred to as polyvinyl coated ductwork (PCD)—is suitable for a broad range of HVAC applications, including those that involve exposure to chemicals. 

At Spiral Mfg., we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable underground ductwork solutions. We offer a vast selection of PVS fittings, including reducers, elbows, tees, and taps. For more information about PVS, check out our brochure on the advantages, description, and installation of underground duct systems here

HVAC Vinyl PVS Duct

HVAC Vinyl PVS Duct

Here to Serve Your Underground Ductwork Needs

If you need underground ductwork, look no further than Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc. A leader among U.S. PVS duct suppliers, you can count on Spiral Mfg. to provide all of the advice and guidance you need for acquiring and installing an underground duct system that meets all of your specifications and requirements. 

To learn more about underground ductwork from Spiral Mfg., give us a call today at 763-755-7677, send an email to info@spiralmfg.com, or take a moment to fill out our convenient online contact form