PVS Flat Sheets and Sealants

Polyvinyl Coated Products Commonly Know as PVC, PVS and PCD

PVS Flat Sheets

PVS Flat Sheets

PVS Spray Paint

PVS Sealant Spray

PVS Flat Sheets
48 x 120 26 4812026P
48 x 120 24 4812024P
48 x 120 22 4812022P
48 x 120 20 4812020P
4 mil x 4 mil available. Consult Factory
PVS Spray Paint
1 Can 12 Oz 3000
1 Case, Qty 12 144 Oz 3001
Approx coverage 4.2 sq. ft.
PVC paint is available to touch up any scratches that may have occurred during installation.

The process of PVC sheet mfg. begins with (1) prime, hot dipped G-60 galv. steel cleaned & fire treated. (2) A special epoxy primer bonded to both sides of the metal. Finally (3) a 4-mil polyvinyl coating heat fused to one side (4 x 1 Standard) or both sides (4 x 4).

By combining the strength of steel and the chemical inertness of plastic, PCD or PVS Flat sheets are corrosion and weather-resistant. PVS or PCD will not rust, chip, crack, peel, corrode or produce odors. Its practical temperature range is from -40 F to 250 F. Our Prime sheets can be used for most any job utilizing its (LFQ) lock forming qualities.

PVS Tape

PVS Flat Sheets Tape

Duct Seal Tube

PVS Duct adhesive

PVS Tape
1 Roll 2″ x 108′ 3002
1 Case = 18 Rolls 2″ x 108′ 3003
PVS Duct Seal
1 Tube 1/12 Gallon S2TD
1 Pail 1 Gallon S2D
1/4′ Bead @ 300′ or 2″ x 1/32″ @ 300′

Fasten joints with metal screws or rivets at 6″ intervals with a minimum of three per joint, then sealed by tape or sealant.