Single Wall Insulated Spiral Pipe

 Dual and Single Wall Insulated Spiral Pipe

The first task of the HVAC engineer is to design a balanced system that efficiently delivers the requisite volume of conditioned air throughout the building and to the various spaces within the building according to their individual needs. This requires the selection and sizing of primary heating, cooling, and other mechanical equipment, the layout and sizing of ducts, the number, location, and design of diffusers and registers, and many other calculations.

However, many commercial HVAC applications have additional requirements related to thermal efficiency and noise reduction, which significantly influence long-term energy costs as well as productivity—in other words, the cost of ownership. If these additional requirements are not defined in advance, and carefully factored into the original system design, expensive system modifications and retrofitting may be required at a later date. One of the most reliable, efficient, and low cost methods of increasing thermal efficiency and reducing noise without dramatically affecting overall system design is the specification of dual-wall or single-wall insulated Spiral Pipe.

Benefits Of Insulating Spiral Pipe
Basic Methods For insulating  Spiral Pipe