Spiral Dust Collection System Components & Accessories



Dust Collection Systems and Components

Regardless of the size of your industrial shop, it should be a priority to install an efficient dust collection system. This system is needed whether the material being machined is plastic, wood, or composite. A dust collection system is required to remain compliant with local and national codes and also to help ensure the quality of the finished product. At Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer an array of dust collection system components and accessories, including spiral duct for dust collection.

Check out this helpful article for designing a dust collection system!

Why a Dust Collection System is Necessary

Workers in industrial settings are at risk for inhaling particulates (some of which are carcinogens) and suffering eye, skin, and nose problems as a result, in addition to allergic reactions. Dust in the shop can cause illness, injury, and fire, resulting in lost production, lawsuits, and raised insurance rates.

An efficient dust collection system, which can include a spiral duct for dust collection, prevents many unwanted issues within a facility. For instance, dust in the shop can reduce the quality of finished products. Visibility that affects the taking of accurate measurements may result from too much dust in the air. Dust may hinder finishing operations, resulting in product defects. Some larger particles may attach to surfaces result in scoring and other defects. Also, facilities may incur extra labor expenses from the need to manually collect dust when no automatic dust collection system is in place.

Dust Collection System Design

Dust collection systems consist of ducting systems designed to convey dust from the source of its generation (i.e. planer, table saw, etc.) to a collection unit (i.e. bag and filter system or cyclone), which draws the dust through the ducting for collection, which may include a spiral duct for dust collection. Read our helpful how-to guide for designing an efficient dust collection system.

Metal vs. Plastic Pipe

Metal is the material of choice when it comes to ducting. See the information on the right side of this page – “Metal vs. Plastic Duct” – to learn more.

After choosing metal for the ducting, it is necessary to size the dust collection system.

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