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What Are Blast Gates and Why Do I Need Them?

It’s no secret that many manufacturing processes tend to create a lot of dust. Having a high concentration of plastic, powder, or wood dust hanging around in the air can be dangerous for a variety of reasons; such dust can contain harmful toxins, cause respiratory problems, and/or be the catalyst for an explosion, due to [...]

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Interesting Applications for Spiral Pipe: Whiskey Barrels

Spiral pipes are unobtrusive. They perform their function quietly in the background, never demanding the spotlight. Spiral pipes are used for all kinds of interesting applications, though they often fly under the radar of the casual observer. As a result, many people are unaware of just how often they come into contact with a product [...]

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Dust Collection Systems for Different Applications

At Spiral Manufacturing, spiral ducts are our specialty. One application our spiral ducts are particularly well suited for is dust collection. Dust collection systems, which come in many different varieties, are an integral part of operations in all kinds of industries. By extension, our spiral ducts that are used for dust collection play a critical [...]

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Blast Gates vs Air Gates

Blast gates vs. Air Gates It’s easy to confuse dust collection blast gates and air gates, because they serve the same purpose. However, there is a difference between the two. Dust Collection Blast Gates Blast gates are used to focus a dust collection system’s vacuum pressure in a specific place in order to achieve maximum [...]

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