It’s no secret that many manufacturing processes tend to create a lot of dust. Having a high concentration of plastic, powder, or wood dust hanging around in the air can be dangerous for a variety of reasons; such dust can contain harmful toxins, cause respiratory problems, and/or be the catalyst for an explosion, due to its extreme combustibility.

Consequently, it is vital to have a dust collection system installed in any work environment that is plagued by dust.

1Some dust collection systems are more complicated than others, and use specialized components to enhance their performance and make them more well suited to a particular application. One such component is the blast gate.

The blast gate is an elegant piece of engineering that is both simple and effective. Blast gates are used to control airflow in dust collection systems with multiple extraction points. Without blast gates, dust collection systems with branches that run to multiple tools may lack sufficient suction to clear the dust produced by a specific machine, because the airflow is being spread evenly between each extraction point.

Blast gates can be installed at each extraction point, and can be opened and closed in order to direct the airflow to whichever machine is in operation, which allows for maximum suction wherever suction is needed most. This makes it possible for the dust collection system to efficiently remove dust from wherever it is being produced at any given time.

2Blast gates can be manual or automatic. A manual blast gate is opened or closed with the help of a duct screw, which must be turned to lock it into position. An automatic blast gate is connected to a power source that allows it to open when a specific machine is in use, and close when the same machine is turned off.

Automatic blast gates are well suited to applications that involve turning a specific piece of equipment on and off frequently, as they make the process less time consuming and more convenient.

Blast gates are a must have for any application that involves a dust collection system with multiple extraction points. If you want to learn more about using blast gates for dust collection, contact Spiral Manufacturing at 763-755-7677 or send an email to