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Blast Gates vs Air Gates

Blast gates vs. air gates Blast gates are used to focus a dust collection system's vacuum pressure for maximum material extraction at the desired location. Blast gates are positioned near individual pieces of machinery and are closed by default — blocking air flow. When one blast gate is opened, all available suction is focused at that location, maximizing the [...]

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Custom-Made Fittings

Standard Fittings Spiral Manufacturing offers a complete line of seam welded, slip-joint fittings designed especially for use with Spiral pipe. Standard fittings include many types of elbows, crosses, tees, laterals, reducers, and other components fabricated from standard 20 gauge steel (other gauges available). See page 23 of our product catalog for more information or visit the [...]

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Spiral Insulated Pipe

Our dual-wall Spiral insulated duct adds both thermal insulating and sound attenuating benefits to any air distribution system. This dual-wall product consists of inner and outer Spiral pipes with a layer of glass fiber insulation sandwiched in between, thus reducing noise and conserving energy.  

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Advantages of Spiral Pipe

The advantages of high pressure Spiral pipe compared to traditional rectangular duct are numerous and compelling: Attractive appearance Exposed spiral duct is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic appeal. Paintable Spiral duct can be finished to blend in with, or stand out from, the indoor environment. Economical to [...]

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Spiral Vinyl-coated Pipe

Vinyl Coated Pipe The chemical inertness of PVC, combined with the strength of Spiral pipe, make Vinyl coated duct ideal for chemical fume removal applications and for underground HVAC applications where strength and resistance to corrosive salts and other minerals found in backfill are prerequisites. Our vinyl-coated Spiral pipe is UL listed and [...]

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Material Handling & Truck Loading

Material Conveyance & Truck Loading Typical Truck Loading application The ability of Spiral pipe to handle high pressures, its efficient airflow characteristics, and its low pressure loss make Spiral pipe ideal for bulk material handling applications. We offer a complete line of trailer loading accessories, including ball joints, diverter valves, quick disconnects, and air actuated gates. [...]

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