Spiral Pipe Basics

There are many advantages of spiral pipe when compared to standard rectangular duct. At Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer various round duct fitting options to match the requirements of numerous commercial and industrial applications.

Spiral Pipe Benefits

Some of the benefits afforded by spiral pipe include aesthetic appeal, economical installation, lower cost of ownership, a solution for many design requirements, available in many materials, useful for multiple applications.

Aesthetic Appeal of Spiral Pipe

Many architects favor the use of exposed spiral round duct over traditional rectangular duct due to its unique and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Paintable spiral round duct can be finished to stand out from or blend seamlessly with an indoor environment.

Cost-efficient Installation

Several unique characteristics of round duct fittings that can reduce the costs of installation include:

  • Longer spans minimize operations required for installation, including the number of hangers and connections required
  • Easier to install around and through structural framing
  • Include easy and quick connections that are also easier to seal

Reduced Ownership Cost

Spiral round duct lowers initial and operational costs in the following ways:

  • Manufactured efficiently from strip steel to any desired diameter
  • Exceptional strength allows the use of less expensive, lighter gauge metals
  • Enables the use of more efficient and smaller air moving equipment due to optimal air flow, low air leakage, and lower pressure drop characteristics.
  • Smooth interior of spiral round duct traps much less particulates (such as dust) and is easier to clean

Many Accessories and Options

Spiral pipe is an effective solution to many design requirements in the following ways:

  • Standard spiral pipe components are available for every application, including tees, gored and die formed elbows, laterals, reducers, pant wyes, rectangular to round transitions, blast gates, pick-up hoods, diverters, access doors, clean-outs, and many more.
  • Custom round duct fittings can be engineered for any specific application or purpose
  • Manifold spiral round ducts support complex distribution arrangements efficiently and reduce the time and cost of installation

Available in Numerous Materials

Round duct fittings are available in an array of different material options:

  • Paint Grip A-60¹
  • Poly-vinyl coated¹
  • Galvanized G60-G90¹
  • Aluminum 3003 H-14²
  • Stainless 304 or 316³
  • Copper
  • Aluminized Steel

¹ ASTM A-653   ²ASTM B-316   ³ASTM A-240

Used in Wide Range of Applications

The versatility of spiral pipe makes it ideal for an array of applications, including:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Underground
  • Chemical

To learn more about the round duct fittings we offer at Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc., give us a call today at 763.755.7677 or send an email to info@spiralmfg.com.