Spiral pipe combines the economies of light gauge metal with a spiral lockseam construction that assures maximum strength and rigidity. As a result of its superior structural strength, the ductwork requires fewer joints and hangers. Four plys of metal form a continuous interlocked reinforcing rib on the outside which permits making long lengths of pipe in various diameters from strip stock of specified gauge.

Spiral pipe is available in other materials on special order, such as vinyl-coated steel, brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Spiral galvanized pipe is carefully engineered and built to meet or exceed all SMACNA standards (Sheet Metal And Contractors National Association).

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High Pressure Spiral Pipe

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Low Pressure Spiral Pipe

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PVS Spiral Pipe

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Spiral Manufacturing – Your Premier Spiral Duct Suppliers

Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a leader among spiral duct manufacturers, offering spiral pipe and high pressure products in various forms for your project and industrial needs, including high pressure galvanized pipe, low pressure galvanized pipe, and PVS underground pipe. We manufacture to match or surpass all standards set forth by the Sheet Metal and Contractors National Association (SMACNA).

Spiral Pipe for Many Applications

Spiral pipe is a workhorse in the modern HVAC, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Engineers who chose spiral pipe gain the benefits of a spiral lockseam construction, ensuring maximum rigidity and strength. Not only does it offer exceptional structural strength, spiral ductwork requires fewer hangers and joints. Spiral pipe also facilitates manufacture of long pipe lengths in various diameters due to the four-ply metal construction which provide a continuous interlocked reinforcing rib on the outside of the pipe.

Spiral pipe was developed for use on high pressure, high velocity air conditioning systems and is widely used for various types of medium or high pressure, below and above ground distribution systems – this includes those for dust removal, ventilation carbon monoxide exhaust, grain handling, thermal insulation, and dual wall pipe for sound, among others.

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As a leader among HVAC duct manufacturers, our team is able to handle a wide variety of projects involving spiral pipe and duct needs. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that help optimize your operations and productivity.

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