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Spiral Manufacturing
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Product Selection Schematic
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Spiral Pipe  

     Economy, Strength & Versatility
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About Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc. Headquarters–Minneapolis, MN

Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a major North American manufacturer of lock-seam, high pressure Spiral pipe and fittings. We offer a complete line of standard commercial and Industrial Spiral pipe, fittings, and custom fabrications designed to meet all standard specifications. Our products are engineered and built to meet or exceed all SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Contractors National Association) standards, and you can expect quality and on-time delivery, whether you need a few components or a complete system for a major installation. For additional information, please visit our web site at www.spiralmfg.com.

Advantages of Spiral Pipe

The advantages of high pressure Spiral pipe compared to traditional rectangular duct are numerous and compelling:

Painted Spiral Duct used
in a retail application

Attractive appearance
exposed Spiral duct is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic appeal. Paintable Spiral duct can be finished to blend in with, or stand out from, the indoor environment.

Economical to install–the unique attributes of Spiral duct can reduce installation costs:
• Easier to install through and around structural framing
• Longer spans reduces installation operations and the number of connections and hangers required


• Connections are made quickly and easily, and are easier to seal.

Lower cost of ownership–Spiral duct reduces upfront and operating costs:
• Low air leakage, optimal airflow characteristics, and less pressure drop allow smaller and more efficient air moving equipment
• Inherently stronger, allowing the use of lighter gauge, less costly metals
• Efficiently manufactured from strip steel to any diameter
• Spiral duct's smooth interior traps less dust and is easier to clean

Many standard fittings are in stock at all times

Many options and accessories–a solution to almost any system design requirement:
• Manifold ducts efficiently handle complex distribution requirements and reduce installation time and cost
• Standard components for every application, such as gored and die formed elbows, tees, laterals, pant wyes, reducers, rectangular to round transitions, pick-up hoods, blast gates, cleanouts, access doors, diverters, and many more
• Custom components can be engineered for any purpose or specific application

Copper Spiral pipe

Available in many materials–meets a broad range of applications:
• Galvanized G60-G901
• Paint Grip A-601
• Poly-vinyl coated1
• Aluminum 3003 H-142
• Stainless 304 or 3163
• Aluminized Steel
• Copper

1 ASTM A-653 ? 2ASTM B-316 ? 3ASTM A-240


A Wide Range of Commercial &       
Industrial Applications       

Spiral Pipe  



Broad range of applications–versatility:
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Chemical
• Underground
• Bulk materials handling

Applications of Spiral Pipe

The versatility of Spiral duct has lead to its use in a wide range of applications:

Spiral Duct in church blends in with ceiling design

Commercial–the primary use of Spiral duct in commercial applications is for HVAC. Spiral duct can now be found in numerous commercial applications including:
• Restaurants
• Churches
• Sports facilities
• Community centers
• Clinics and hospitals
• Schools and universities
• Retail stores and malls
• Community and entertainment facilities
• Office buildings and warehouses
• And many more

Spiral Pipe is used extensively in industrial applications

Industrial–Spiral pipe's ability to handle high positive and negative pressures has led to numerous industrial applications:
• Removal of chemical fumes and other environmental toxins
• Removal of dust and other airborne particulates
• Removal of manufacturing byproducts such as sawdust and wood shavings


• Bulk material handling such as the loading of grain trucks and hoppers.

Spiral Vinyl-Coated Pipe

The chemical inertness of PVC combined with the strength of Spiral pipe make Vinyl coated duct ideal for chemical fume removal applications and for underground HVAC applications where strength and resistance to corrosive salts and other minerals found in backfill are prerequisites. Our vinyl-coated Spiral pipe is UL listed and manufactured from galvanized steel coated with a polyvinyl chloride material with an outside thickness of 4 mils and inside thickness of 1 mil standard. This is reversible for special purposes. External corrugations are standard for over 14" diameter for underground applications. Standard gauges are: 4" to 16" / 24 gauge, 17" to 24" / 22 gauge, 26" to 48" / 20 gauge.

Dual wall Spiral pipe saves energy and reduces noise. Shown without insulation.

Spiral Insulated Pipe

Our dual-wall Spiral insulated duct adds both thermal insulating and sound attenuating benefits to any air distribution system. This dual-wall product consists of inner and

Spiral Pipe  

     Fittings & Accessories for Every Application

outer Spiral pipes with a layer of glass fiber insulation sandwiched in between, thus reducing noise and conserving energy.

Material Handling & Truck Loading

Typical Truck Loading application

The ability of Spiral pipe to handle high pressures, its efficient airflow characteristics, and its low pressure loss make Spiral pipe ideal for bulk material handling applications. We offer a complete line of trailer loading accessories, including ball joints, diverter valves, quick disconnects, and air actuated gates. See pages 45-49 for components and technical data.


Spiral Manufacturing offers a complete line of seam welded, slip-joint fittings designed especially for use with Spiral pipe. Standard fittings include many types of elbows, crosses, tees, laterals, reducers, and other components fabricated from standard 20 gauge steel (other gauges available).

Special Made Fittings

When you have requirements that cannot be met by our standard fittings, we can fabricate special fittings based on your specifications on a time and materials basis. Once accepted for production, orders for special fittings cannot be



canceled, nor can the finished fitting be returned for credit. Please! Check your measurements

In conclusion
Spiral pipe
combines the
of light gauge
metal with a spiral
lockseam construction that assures maximum
strength and rigidity. Because of its superior
structural strength, the ductwork requires
fewer joints and hangers. Four plys of metal
form a continuous interlocked reinforcing rib
on the outside, which permits making long
lengths of pipe in various diameters, and
has a resistance to crushing approximately
2-1/2 times that of longitudinal lockseam
or welded pipe. Optional corrugations are
available which increase the rigidity of the
pipe by approximately 300%.

Developed for use on high velocity, high-pressure air conditioning systems, Spiral pipe has gained wide acceptance for all types of high or medium pressure, above and below ground distribution systems, such as ventilation, dust removal, grain handling, carbon monoxide exhaust, and dual wall pipe for sound and thermal insulation. These are only a few of its diversified applications.

Standard length in all diameters is 10 feet.
Any length between 6 and 20 feet cut at no
additional charge. Sizes range from 3” to 18” @ 1” intervals and 20” to 80” @ 2” intervals.

For Physical Properties of Spiral Pipe and
Technical Information, see inside front cover and Engineering Data pages 50 thru 60.

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